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15-days in Tanzania and Zanzibar

15-days in Tanzania and Zanzibar

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15-day trip in Tanzania and Zanzibar: Responsible and positive impact tourism

This 15-day trip through Tanzania and Zanzibar is divided into two parts. Two very different parts with which you will learn about the diversity of this country, its customs according to the area, its religions and its architecture.

First part of the 15-day trip in Tanzania: Immersive tourism with the Maasai culture and a 5-day safari.

The first 10 days we will visit the area of northern Tanzania, where we will do a 5-day safari through the main national parks of the country, 3 days of immersive Maasai respectful tourism and 2 days of visiting and learning about the projects that the NGOs we work with in the Arusha region, such as schools, a medical center, workshops or an orphanage. This will give us a much more realistic view of the country and we will see how tourism can have a positive impact if we travel with a conscious eye. We will see the impact of our travel if we seek sustainability and real community development and if we travel, above all, wanting to leave things better than we found them.

5-day safari

During the Safari we will visit the most important parks of the northern circuit: Serengeti National Park, Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

These five days will allow us to see countless animals and, with a little luck, the Big Five, the 5 big ones of the African savannah: the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros. We will enjoy the immensity of the Serengeti, spending two nights inside the park and the spectacular Ngorongoro crater, an ancient volcano, called the “volcano of Eden”, where thousands of animals now live in total harmony.

In this tour, the accommodation during the safari days is in camping sites. However, it is possible to do the same tour staying in hotels during those 5 days of safari as well. Ask us!

Safari during 15-day trip in Tanzania and Zanzibar

An elephant in Serengeti National Park

Masai Immersion: responsible, supportive and regenerative tourism

The Maasai immersion will be done in the Maasai area in the surroundings of Ngare Nanyukiin Arusha, where the same members of this community have built a lodge, with the support of the NGO with which we collaborate, so that travelers who want to know their culture can do it in a real and close way. In this way, they flee from the tourist circuits that pass through villages en masse, creating a strong dependence on this type of transient tourism. Thus, they can teach us about their culture, go deeper into it, even invite us to their homes and above all, direct and decide the activities you will do. This is very different from the Maasai tourist settlements, where they simply wait for a jeep with tourists to pass by to see what handicrafts they can sell, having to divide what they receive between the driver, guide, translator…

Details that make the difference between responsible tourism and mass tourism

This simple distinction makes all the difference. By staying here, you respect and help maintain their way of life, without having a negative disruption and knowing that the money stays in their community. In this way you contribute to equity, fair distribution of benefits, and direct positive impact on your population.

The Maasai will teach us about their culture and traditions and we can even stay in an authentic Maasai “boma” with a family who will open their home to us. The rest of the days we will sleep in the Masai Lodge where they have prepared authentic bomas (Masai houses) but with European comforts, i.e. hot water, electricity, private bathroom and electricity. In addition, it has a spectacular ethnic decoration accompanied by the deepest tranquility and a view of the savannah that is unmatched by anything else.

During the 3 days we will be with the Maasai community, we will wake up with Mount Kilimanjaro in front of us and Mount Meru behind us: we could not be in a more magical place.

One more detail: the gastronomy you will enjoy, healthy, varied, local and delicious, you will not forget it. And the environmental awareness of the place, without plastics, with sunlight, without disposable products, etc. will make your stay even better.

The second part of our 15 days trip in Tanzania: A few days of sun and beach in Zanzibar Island.

The second part will be in the area of wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters of Zanzibar. With time to enjoy at your leisure, and get lost in the streets of its capital, Stone Town, and coastal villages full of charm and simple life. There you will enjoy the spectacular marine life, sandbanks surrounded by dolphins and the clearest blue, or its diverse cuisine, which highlights the myriad of spices that this island has. This part, which we will explain below, does not leave sustainability out of the picture. You will stay in dreamlike ecolodges, which take into account the environment down to the smallest detail.

Zanzibar Island

In the second part of the 15-day trip through Tanzania and Zanzibar, we will visit (on our own) the island of Zanzibar where we can enjoy the relaxation of the island and its capital, Stone Town. During these last few days, the pace of the trip will be set by us without guides to accompany us.

The first two nights in Stone Town will allow us to get to know and dedicate a full day to the small capital declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

What to see in Stone Town

Stone Town, or “The Stone City”, is a very interesting city for several reasons:

– For being a strategic point of the spice route.

– Sadly, a key point on the slave route, worth knowing.

– A mixture of cultures and religions that have passed and coexisted during the last centuries.

– See the city where Freddie Mercury was born (there is a small museum that can be accessed for a cost of about 10 usd).

– Your market

– and for the beauty of its old town. Hundreds of narrow streets full of stores selling kangas (traditional fabrics), kitenges (women’s dresses), and other typical materials and products.

Our stay in Jambiani, a relaxed beach town away from the touristy

The last three nights of our 15-day trip to Tanzania will be spent in Jambiani, in our favorite hotel in Zanzibar. It is in front of the beach, and is environmentally sustainable. It has two swimming pools that will take your breath away and breakfasts that will leave you delighted.

Lodging 15 day trip Tanzania

Our beautiful accommodation in Zanzibar

In Jambiani, we will be able to relax after a few intense days. But if we want a bit of activity, the village and the surrounding hotels offer various activities, such as concerts, yoga classes, African dance or Kite-surfing. In its surroundings, we can find plenty of activities, such as visiting the Swahili Cave, Jozani Park, and other villages like Paje, Kizimkazi or Pingwe.

On the last day, a cab driver will pick us up from the hotel to take us to the airport to return home.

If you want to do this same 15-day trip to Tanzania, but without the Zanzibar part, you have the option here -> 10-day trip to Tanzania.


15 Days

Group Size

Private group




  • In Tanzania: Full board accommodation
  • In Tanzania: Private Guide / Driver with 4x4 Jeep
  • Mineral water
  • Transfers between hotels
  • Transfers to Kilimanjaro Airport and Zanzibar Airport
  • Tickets to the National Parks mentioned in the program
  • In Zanzibar: Bed and breakfast


  • International flights
  • Internal flight Arusha - Zanzibar
  • In Zanzibar: Lunches and Dinners
  • In Zanzibar: Activities mentioned in the program

Travel Itinerary

Day 1

Pick up from Kilimanjaro Airport and visit to Momella

We will be picked up from Kilimanjaro Airport and drive through rural Tanzania to Momella, where we will spend the first night at Hillside Retreat. Hillside Retreat is a beautiful lodge owned by the NGO we collaborate with. Very well cared for and with sustainability policies in all its facilities and services. We will take advantage of the day to rest and gather strength for the rest of the trip.

    Day 2

    We visit the NGO projects

    After breakfast, we will visit the NGO 7 minutes away by car. There we will be able to see the whole project: the medical centre, the primary and secondary schools, and the social projects that are carried out, such as the sewing workshop with typical Tanzanian fabrics. After lunch there, we will go to the orphanage and spend time with the children. In the afternoon, we will return to Hillside Retreat, with time to rest and prepare for dinner, which will be served in our own room! A real luxury.

      Day 3

      Safari Day 1: Tarangire National Park

      After breakfast: off to Tarangire National Park! Tarangire is one of the places with the largest elephant population in Tanzania. So we will start seeing these big mammals in the wild from the very first moment - time to get your camera ready! At sunset, we will drive to our accommodation: the Tarangire National Park camping area. Our guides will set up the tent for us on arrival and prepare dinner for us to enjoy nature and relax.

        Day 4

        Safari Day 2: Serengueti National Park

        We will get up for breakfast and drive about 4.5 hours to the Serengeti National Park. We will enter the park in the afternoon. This is the place to see the Big Five and if lucky, enjoy the natural spectacle of the Great Migration. We will go to the Serengeti Campground for an unforgettable night experience in the savannah.

          Day 5

          Safari Day 3: Serengueti National Park

          We get up early to enjoy a whole day in the Serengeti, after breakfast, we would never finish it! Ready to see lions, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, leopards, elephants, wildebeests or hippos? We go back to the camping area, have dinner and rest after a very intense day!

            Day 6

            Safari Day 4: Ngorongoro Crater

            After breakfast, we will go to a unique place in the world: the Ngorongoro Crater Protected Area. We will spend the whole day there, in the crater, enjoying a colourful spectacle where we will be able to appreciate how all the animals live in complete harmony. Later we will go to the viewpoint, where we will be able to see the dimensions of this wonderful place. In the afternoon, we will go to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area campsite to enjoy the calm and toast with a Tanzanian beer while the sun goes down!

              Day 7

              Safari Day 5: Lake Manyara

              We visit Lake Manyara, a smaller, protected area, which allows us to be closer to the animals when we come across them - giraffes and elephants will accompany us all the way! We arrive at our next destination: Original Maasai Lodge - the Maasai cultural immersion begins! A delicious dinner awaits us, and a room in a modernised boma at Maasai Lodge, with all the comforts and yet 100% sustainable. You won't be able to take your eyes off the thousands of stars!

                Day 8

                Immersive tourism with the Maasai.

                After breakfast, we go on a nature walk with our Maasai guide. He will show us different types of plants and their healing qualities, talk to us about how insects and different trees interact, and we can ask him anything we can think of about his language, culture or beliefs. We will have lunch at the lodge to enjoy another typical recipe and go to visit the projects in the Maasai area. In the afternoon, we will be taught how to throw the spear for hunting, learn about their dance rituals, dance with them as the sun goes down, and have dinner around the fire, where we can talk and learn more about their culture. We will sleep at the Maasai Lodge.

                  Day 9

                  Massai Day

                  Today we will be Maasai. We will wake up at dawn, dress in their clothes, and go to milk the milk from the cows and goats of our community. After lunch, it is time to separate. The men will go to collect medicinal plants, and sacrifice a goat or sheep and then prepare dinner on the bonfire (optional). In the meantime, the women will be collecting firewood and tidying up the houses, inside and out. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and understand how they live and what they feel doing each of their tasks. The day will end with a ritual dance around the fire, and with a succulent dinner to which we have all contributed. This day will not be forgotten. In the evening, the Maasai experience continues. We will sleep in an original Boma, like any Maasai family, and the next day we will probably need paper, pen, and a little time to express what we have felt and learned.

                    Day 10

                    Bush Breakfast and farewell to the Maasai community.

                    Last day in this corner of the planet - let's make the most of it! We are going to have breakfast in the middle of the African steppe, what is known here as a "bush breakfast". This image, eating in the middle of nowhere, with our guide who has accompanied us every day, will stay with us forever. We will return in plenty of time to pack our bags. We will say goodbye, and we will be taken to the airport (1h 30 min). We will take a flight to Zanzibar. The flight is not included in the price of the trip, it costs about 100 usd per person. At the airport we will be picked up and taken to the hotel where we will stay for two nights in Stone Town. From this day on, dinner and lunch are not included in the trip and it will be up to the traveller to choose where to have dinner or lunch and the cost will be at his own expense.

                      Day 11

                      Zanzibar: Stone Town

                      Today we will spend the day visiting Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We can visit the spice market, get lost in the streets of Stone Town, or visit the museum of the city where Freddie Mercury was born. The cost of visits, such as museums, are not included in the price. We will stay in a 4 star hotel with breakfast included.

                        Day 12


                        Today we will be picked up from the hotel and after breakfast we will drive to Jambiani, one of the most beautiful villages in the east of Zanzibar. We will stay in an eco-lodge, located in front of the beach and with two breathtaking swimming pools.

                          Day 13


                          We took the opportunity to get to know the surroundings and enjoy the beaches in front of the hotel. One of the star activities is the Blue Safari, which consists of going to see dolphins, snorkelling in a coral reef and eating lobster on a sandbank far from everything. Highly recommended! (Activity not included in the price).

                            Day 14


                            Full day to relax, read a book, explore the island or do one of the other activities available in the area, such as dance classes, yoga or kite-surfing (activities not included in the price).

                              Day 15

                              Bye Bye Zanzibar

                              After breakfast or at an agreed time, we will be picked up and driven to Zanzibar airport for our return flight.Bye Bye Zanzibar!

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