Visit Tanzania and make a positive impact

Visit Tanzania and enjoy its spectacular nature and a unique and respectful experience with local communities. At Trip to Help, we organize tours and safaris with positive impact in Tanzania. Enjoy a Tanzania safari, crossing the Serengeti, Tarangire or the Ngorongoro Crater and at the same time practice sustainable tourism and solidarity with the visited territory.

If you are looking for an unforgettable trip to Tanzania and an alternative, in the vacations we organize, we go beyond a safari. Our focus is not only on sustainability, but also in contributing to more resilient and empowered communities through regenerative tourism. The money generated by our safari tours and other tours in Tanzania is reinvested in the local economy, which not only generates employment opportunities. It also contributes to education, health and women’ s empowerment programs with a local NGO in the Arusha region.

We can do from a 3 days safari to a 15 days trip in Tanzania. Always with local guides who are well paid and do not depend on tips to make a living. In addition, your safari in Tanzania can be combined with real cultural immersions with the Maasai community.

We work directly with Maasai communities, located far from the tourist and mass tourism circuits. Besides having Maasai or Meru guides on your safari in Tanzania, and having all their vital experience in full contact with nature, you will be able to live with Maasai families, and also sleep in a unique accommodation in the world, designed, created and managed by the Maasai community.

Vacations and safaris in tanzania

Giraffes in Arusha Tanzania

Solidarity safari and experiential tourism with Maasai – 6 days

In 6 days you will have time to do a little bit of everything. You will go on a two-day safari in Arusha and Tarangire National Parks, sleep in huts built by Maasai, and learn first-hand about the work being done by an NGO in Momella for the education and health of the community.

Flexibility in dates.

Price: 1,490 € per adult in a private group of 2 people.

Maasai immersion culture in Tanzania – 6 days

Make a Masai cultural immersion, discover their customs and daily routines. Eat and sleep with them. This whole experience is coordinated with a local NGO, which provides work to the Maasai community and at the same time, takes care of the creation of schools, orphanages, and health centers. In addition, you will meet Cornelia, one of its founders, who will show you all the projects.

Price: 825 € per adult in private group of 2 persons.

Cheetah family during a 10-day trip to Tanzania - front page

Tanzania safari and Zanzibar beach – 10 days

10 days to see the basics of Tanzania. On this trip we will enjoy a 3-day safari, where we will visit the famous Ngorongoro, we will know the rural Tanzania of the hand of the NGO, and finally we will spend 5 days on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Price: 1.890 € per adult in private group of 2 people – Flexibility in dates.

15-day trip tanzania cover

Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar Beach – 15 days

In this 15-day trip, we will see the highlights of Tanzania and Zanzibar. We will enjoy a 5-day safari where we will visit the most important parks such as the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We will spend 3 days in a Maasai lodge where we will learn about their culture, traditions and see how our visit has a positive impact on the community. And finally we will spend 5 days on the wonderful island of Zanzibar.

Prices from: 2.995 € per adult – Flexibility in dates.

Giraffes Tarangire Tanzania

Responsible 3 days Safari in Tanzania

If you want to go on a safari, an make a postive impact at the same time, this is the experience for you. A 3-day solidarity safari where you will visit Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and with your experience you will be contributing to education and health projects in the Arusha region.

Flexibility in dates.

Price: 1.199€ per adult (private safari for 2 people).

Lioness and her cub resting in Serengeti

5-day Tanzania Safari

Enjoy a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. 5 days of safari is the perfect time to visit the most famous national parks in Tanzania: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara, where you can see and enjoy the best wildlife. With your experience, you will be contributing to the NGO with which we collaborate.

Flexibility in dates.

Price: 2.250 € per adult (private safari for 2 people).

Lioness and her cub resting in Serengeti

Solidarity safari with Maasai in Tanzania – 8 days

A safari in two of Tanzania’s most famous natural parks, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, and a stay at Masai Lodge, a unique lodge in the middle of the African steppe overlooking Kilimanjaro. This place is managed by Maasai workers from an NGO, which you will also be able to meet.

Flexibility in dates. Lodging during the safari, medium category.

Price: 2,895 € per adult (private safari for two people).

Giraffes Tarangire Tanzania

Responsible and immersive travel in Tanzania – 10 days

Enjoy 10 days of solidarity travel in Northern Tanzania. You will be able to do experiential tourism with a Masai community, a 5-day safari through the most popular national parks and you will get to know the projects of the NGO with which we collaborate. You will see, first-hand, where the money invested goes. Recommended Trip

Flexibility in dates. Lodging during the safari in a camping site.

Price: 2,550 € per adult (private safari for two people)

Chimpanzees in Tanzania

See chimpanzees in the wild in Gombe National Park – 3 days

You will experience firsthand what it is like to observe and study the behavior of these wonderful primates in the wild. You will sleep next to the shelter where the ethologist Jane Goodall stayed for decades, and you will go into the forest with the help of a guide and scientists from the Jane Goodall Institute. An unparalleled experience!

Flexibility in dates. Includes flight to Kigoma and boat to Gombe.

Price: 995€ per person in private group.

Chimpanzees in Tanzania

Northern Tanzania Safari Tour – 10 days

Discover the beauty of Tanzania on a 5-day safari that takes you to the main parks in the north of the country. But that’s not all – experience the unique attractions of Lake Natron, Maasai land, and the magnificent Oi Doinyo Lengai volcano.
This circular safari ensures you won’t miss out on visiting Lake Natron and Maasai land, while also exploring the renowned Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Manyara.

Flexibility in dates.

Price: 3.295€ per person in private group.

mountain bike route through northern Tanzania

Adventure & Sports Tour – 6 days

Ideal for sportsmen and adventurers who want to spend a few days with the Masai community, learn about the NGO’s projects, and visit the Arusha National Park while practicing sports such as cycling, canoeing or walking through the jungle.

Flexibility in dates.

Price: 1.275€ per adult in private group.


Experiences with impact Tanzania

Sustainable Tourism in Tanzania – 11 days

Route recommended for those who like immersive and sustainable tourism. Route recommended for those who like immersive and sustainable tourism. This experience consists of 11 days in the north of Tanzania, where we will meet the Maasai community, we will be with the children of the NGO schools, and we will do a 4-day safari in Arusha National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire.

Flexibility in dates. Lodge type accommodation during the Safari.

Price: 2.795€ per adult in private group.

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Traveling to Tanzania

If you close your eyes and think of Africa, the image of its vast plains where lions and elephants roam freely or the greeting of the Masai tribes will definitely be on your mind. Africa is huge, and does not offer this landscape in all its countries, but this image belongs, without a doubt, to Tanzania.

Traveling to Tanzania, located in Sub-Saharan Africa, means traveling to the country of safaris, Kilimanjaro, and the paradisiacal beaches of Zanzibar, among many other things.

Most travelers fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport, very close to Arusha and close to the northern national parks where most safaris take place The airport is named for its proximity to Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and famous for its year-round snow-capped peaks and a real challenge for the more adventurous.

Another important airport in Tanzania is Zanzibar airport, ideal to spend a few last days of sun and beach on the island and return home more than relaxed.

On a first visit to Tanzania, the most common is to do a safari in the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Nature Reserve and other northern parks such as Tarangire.

Another option to travel to Tanzania is to do solidarity tourism through an NGO and see firsthand the impact it has on society, with schools, medical centers and training centers among many other projects that contribute to the local community. You can do it by volunteering, or you can do it indirectly, living the unique experiences of Trip to Help, hand in hand with NGO workers, in which your investment will go to development projects in the area.

If you are also passionate about the history of primate observationthe Gombe National Park and Kigoma are a must to, on the one hand, walk through the forest and see chimpanzees in the wild while staying at a place where Jane Goodall she lived for years, and on the other hand, to know one of the places that were part of the route of the slaves.

If you want to travel to Tanzania, keep in mind that it is a country with a high poverty rate so it is even more important that our trip is sustainable, respectful and with a positive impact on the territory. In this way, we will ensure that our trip to Tanzania will help the communities that inhabit this wonderful country, especially the Maasai tribe. At Trip to Help, we work to make your trip to Tanzania unforgettable but also to make sure that the money stays in the territory in the form of education and health.

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