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If you want to know Morocco with your family, partner or friends, and you want to do it in a different way than usual, leaving the most touristy. If you want to stay with local families or in sustainable hotels run by Moroccans. If you want to get to know the local culture, whether Arab, Berber orAmazigh, or the nomads of the Sahara, we have good news for you.

In Trip to Help we are a traveling couple, and we create authentic experiences hand in hand with local communities, NGODs or foundations in each territory. We don’t offer anything we haven’t experienced, and now, in January 2024, we are going to Morocco with our one-year-old daughter to learn about and see sustainable and positive impact tourism projects in the country. Our mission is to offer an alternative trip to Morocco: we will try to stay away from the “touristy”, we will live with locals, and everything that we think is interesting and enriching, we will offer it in Trip to Help. From everything we experience, we will discard the failed choices of ours or the places that offer proposals tinged with sustainability or solidarity, but which actually harm more than help. By traveling first, we can choose what really brings you and them.



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Choose to travel to Morocco avoiding proposals that only enrich a few and perpetuate a harmful tourism model.

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At Trip to Help we are not a travel agency. We are a window of visibility for people who want to travel to Morocco to know how to do it responsibly. If you are thinking of traveling and exchanging experiences with the local population, if you want a spectacular but impactful trip, if you want to do community-based tourism in Morocco, you are in the right place. The local guides with whom we collaborate make sure that you have an incredible experience, and also that your trip has a tangible return in the territory. In Trip to Help we go beyond the typical charity actions of bringing clothes or medicine. We focus on long-term development, contributing to projects that improve the quality of life of communities. Much of what you spend on your Morocco trip will contribute to creating more empowered and resilient communities, focusing on education, health or good nutrition.


Take a regenerative trip to Morocco. Make your trip contribute to the local population and their present and future well-being.

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Why book your trip to Morocco with Trip to Help?


We work side by side with local organizations, foundations and guides who are there, who are key decision makers on the trips. They are not just subcontracted guides or backpack carriers.


What you invest in your trip does not go to tour operators or tour companies that only pay the guides if they go out to work. We work with people who make a living wage, and 80% of your pay goes to the community.


All our experiences have nature as the protagonist, and revolve around sustainability. The objective is the conservation and good use of existing resources.


We have lived every experience we offer. We select the most authentic and responsible, working with each community or local person to define every detail.


You know how you search for honeymoon destinations and the prices are automatically double or triple what you would pay if you weren’t getting married? There is no such thing here, prices are always the same.

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We personally talk to all travelers, and explain all the details, personalize experiences and resolve any doubts. Right now we are defining routes to Morocco, so if you are planning to travel in the future and you like the philosophy of travel that we propose, leave your details here and we will contact you to explain everything we are weaving there.

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