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    Kenya Safari and Zanzibar Beach Holiday

    Kenya Safari and Zanzibar Beach Holiday

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    What can I expect from this 10-day trip to Kenya and Zanzibar, which includes a safari in the Masai Mara and beach holiday in Zanzibar

    On this Kenya Safari and Zanzibar beach holiday, we will mix the adventures of a 6 day safari in the Masai Mara, with 4 days of beach in the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Additionally, our experience will be beneficial to a project focused on women’s education and empowerment, which we will be able to learn about in detail during these days at the Maasai Mara.

    This is a 10-days trip to Kenya and Zanzibar, that includes a safari in the Masai Mara and a few days in the beautiful island of Zanzibar. In the Masai Mara, we will be able to discover the African adventure hand-by-hand with the Masai community. They will show us the secrets of the Masai land. And then, before returning home and the daily routine, we will spend 4 days enjoying the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar Island.

    Kenya Safari in Masai Mara

    The first 6 days, we will head the Masai Mara.

    We will be doing one of the most adventurous and less touristy safaris in Kenya during the first nights of our 10-day trip to Kenya & Zanzibar. We will be staying at an eco-lodge that is owned by the Maasai community. The lodge, which features glamping tents and all the amenities, is owned by a prominent Maasai leader who is also an official guide for National Geographic.

    He and his team of Maasai will take us on safari to show us the Maasai Mara (here they can live in total contact with the wildlife) and reveal the secrets of their land.

    Giraffe during trip to Kenya and Zanzibar
    Giraffe guarding a family of lions.

    In addition to adventures and a safari that respects local communities and animals, it is a safari with a strong positive impact on the territory because all profits from the travelers’ stays to the schooling of Maasai children in the area, as well as to women’s support programs, or to the construction of a high school and tourism school.

    It is an area where Maasai communities still live and where there is less tourism than in the National Reserve or other national parks.

    From the first day, we will see the advantages of doing this safari in this area:

    • It is a less touristy area, so there are fewer cars around the animals, less lodging, and in short, more tranquility. (there are studies that show that animals are fleeing from areas overcrowded by tourism to go to quieter areas like this one).
    • During the safari we will be able to get close to the animals, leaving the tracks of the cars and going into the savannah.
    • With our trip, we will help finance the NGO led by William, which was founded to help the community through tourism. More than 80% of the money from your trip stays in the community.
    • You will see the NGO’s projects that help the most disadvantaged, such as the women’s village, which they accompany after they have been disowned by their own families.

    We will also see the best sunsets of the savannah, surrounded by hundreds of animals in the wild. In this area, unlike in the national parks, there are no schedules, and we can extend until sunset, and even let it get dark surrounded by animals. We will also go to our Maasai guide’s favorite spot near the Mara River, where we will camp and watch the hippos come out of the river at the end of the day. This type of experience is possible thanks to the work that William and the NGO do in the area, and thanks to this, they have permission to go to certain places where the agencies or traditional accommodations cannot reach.

    But the unique experience does not end here.

    During the 10-day trip to Kenya and Zanzibar, wewill visit a sanctuary where two white rhinoceroses live (threatened by poaching) which are guarded 365 days a year by rangers. We will do a walking safari to see how the sun rises in the Masai Mara.

    The Masai Mara’s full day safari, which lasts until sunset, is another star activity. On that day, we will have our meal in the most beautiful location we have ever experienced, under a tree in the middle of the Masai Mara, without any other tourists around. Only us.

    Elephants on Safari in Kenya
    Elephants in the Masai Mara.

    Zanzibar Beach Holiday

    After a long day of safaris, wild nature, and Maasai culture, we’ll conclude our trip in Zanzibar for the last four days of our holidays.

    After a safari in Kenya, Zanzibar is the perfect island to spend a few days relaxing. It has great beaches, ideal for walking, kite surfing or just reading a book under a tree.

    These days, you will visit Zanzibar on your own, you can do a blue Safari, go to see dolphins, eat fish on a secret island and see some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. This activity, which is not included in the price, can be booked either in-person or through us. We can help you to book a Blue Safari in Zanzibar.

    You can also rent a motorcycle and move around the island freely, visit the Jozani Park, where there is an endemic monkey or go to the south and enjoy eating a lobster in front of the sea.

    Holidays trip to kenya and zanzibar
    During our trip to Zanzibar.

    Our accommodations for our vacations in Kenya and Zanzibar

    During the first 5 nights, we will stay inside the Lemek Conservation Area, in safari tents with private bathroom and hot water. It is a sustainable lodging, with solar panels and without the use of plastics. The food will be prepared by Rongo, our Maasai cook, who will delight us every day with his recipes. All natural products, of proximity, without processed or anything like that. We are in an eco-sustainable lodge and food is very important to us.

    masai mara safari accommodation in Kenya
    Lodging at the Maasai Mara

    In Zanzibar, we will be able to choose between one of these cabins, in front of the sea and with a spectacular swimming pool.

    Zanzibar Lodging
    Our accommodation during our stay in Zanzibar

    What is the price of this holiday package to Kenya and Zanzibar?

    The price of this holiday package to Kenya and Zanzibar is from €2.595 per person (in a group of two people) during low season (from November to June). Zanzibar offers a variety of room categories, from the most luxurious with sea views to the most economical. In high season (July, August, September), the price is 2,699 euros per person.

    The price includes accommodation, safaris, government taxes, visits to the rhino sanctuary, full board meals during the first 6 days, internal displacements, guides during the safari and accommodation in Zanzibar with breakfast and hotel-airport transfers included. International and domestic flights from Nairobi to Zanzibar are not included.

    The itinerary for the trip to Kenya and Zanzibar is below. Despite the possibility of changing the order of activities during the safari, all the activities described will be carried out.

    Contact us so we can give you a final quotation for the dates you want to travel.


    10 Days




    • Full board accommodation in Masai Mara
    • Safari in a 4x4 Landcruiser Jeep Safari vehicle
    • English-speaking Maasai Guides
    • Kenyan Government fees for staying in a Conservation Area
    • Transfers from and to the airport
    • Accommodation with breakfast included in Lamu Island
    • Mineral water


    • International and National Flights tickets
    • Visa costs
    • Personal Insurance
    • Drinks, tips and other personal costs

    Travel Itinerary Kenya and Zanzibar

    Day 1

    Nairobi - Maasai MAra

    We will arrive on our international flight in Nairobi, and our driver will be waiting for us, who will take us to the Masai Mara. On the way we will cross the Rift Valley, a spectacular area of ​​Kenya, and one of the most famous geological regions on the planet. We will be able to admire it from a viewpoint, where we will stop on our way. If we leave Nairobi early, we will arrive at our accommodation in time for lunch, and then we can head out for our first afternoon game drive. We will be in the Lemek Conservancy Area.

      Day 2

      White Rhino Sanctuary

      Today in the morning we will go on safari to a White Rhino Sanctuary, a place where they are protected, as they are in danger of extinction. We will enter an area that is highly protected by several rangers and we will be able to see one of the most spectacular animals in the world up close: the White Rhino.In the afternoon we will take the opportunity to see the NGO's projects in the middle of the Maasai Mara, such as the school and the Maasai women's village.

        Day 3

        Full day Safari in Masai Mara

        Today will be one of the highlights of the trip, as we will go on an all-day safari in the Maasai Mara, including lunch in the middle of the savannah, in one of the most beautiful places you will have ever been. We will spend the whole day searching for lions, elephants, cheetahs, buffalo and all kinds of animals. Our Maasai guides will do their utmost to make sure we get to see as many animals as possible up close, and we will see how they love nature and enjoy it immensely, while accompanying us.

          Day 4

          Walking Safari and Maasai Mass

          Today is an intense day. We will go on safari, and we will go to the Mara River area. This place is managed by the Maasai community, and it is not possible to do this activity without them. We will go towards the evening to watch the hippos come out of the river for lunch, when the heat starts to drop. There we will enjoy a unique evening, in the middle of the savannah and next to the river, where they will cook us a delicious dinner. At night, we will camp, with the comfort of a good mattress, blankets, pillow, etc. and we will be able to enjoy this unparalleled luxury: nature in its purest state. This day will remain forever in our memory.

            Day 5

            Walking safari

            In the morning, we will get up in the Mara. We will walk (walking safari) through the area, and we will go back on safari, to rest at our accommodation in the afternoon. Also this afternoon we will be able to be with the boys and girls of the school when the classes are over. We will take the opportunity to rest from the previous day.

              Day 6

              We leave the masai mara towards Zanzibar

              Today it's time for a good breakfast, and a way back to Nairobi to catch our plane to paradise: Zanzibar. Depending on our departure time, if we have time, before leaving for Nairobi we can go on an early morning walking safari with our guide and Maasai warrior. It is not usual to go on a safari on foot, and this is impossible to do in other areas. Here, with the Maasai, we can do it. We will later start the journey back to Nairobi from our accommodation in the Mara, with our driver, who will drop us off at the airport. This journey can also be done by plane, much faster, to see what the savannah looks like from the air. This option has an increase in cost, you can consult us if you so wish. *Before our journey back to Nairobi, if our stay in the Masai Mara area coincides with a Sunday, we can go to the nearest village, Aitong, where we will learn how Christianity and the ancestral Maasai religion merge: we will witness a mass massai *.

                Day 7 to 10

                Zanzibar Island

                By taking our plane to Zanzibar, our days of leisure, rest, and beach travel begin. It's the end point of our 10-day Kenya and beach holiday. Zanzibar, where its capital Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will delight us with its landscapes, its peaceful pace of life, and its people. It seems that no time has passed. These days, for free, we can stay in a beautiful eco-lodge in front of the beach. We can go snorkeling, on a blue safari, where we can see dolphins and eat on a "secret" island. Definitely a great way to end our trip to Kenya.On the last day, after spending 4 nights there, we will leave to take our international flight home.

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                  Tour Terms & Conditions Kenya and Zanzibar holidays

                  This price is based on a trip of 2 people in low season, if you are more or you are a single person, the price varies. The price is based on the economy room on the island of Zanzibar. To have a budget for the room with a view of the pool and the sea, please contact us.

                  We need to know the date of travel and how many people will travel. With this information, we will be able to provide you with the final price that will not vary much from the web price.

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