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    8-day Kenya Safari: Maasai Mara, Samburu & Nakuru

    8-day Kenya Safari: Maasai Mara, Samburu & Nakuru

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    8-day sustainable safari in Kenya with positive impact on the territory


    In this 8-day safari in Kenya we will mix the adventure of a safari with the sustainable tourism and positive impact with the Maasai culture. Next to our base lodge, in the middle of the Maasai Mara, we will be able to see the positive impact of traveling in a sustainable way, as we will be helping in the territory in education programs, female empowerment and other social projects. During the last days, we will take a 4×4 car and make a route through Samburu, Nakuru and Naivasha with our Maasai guide and NGO worker with whom we collaborate. A unique experience that you will never forget and that will allow you to get to know Kenya in a more natural way and away from the tourist circuits.


    Safari in the Maasai Mara


    In the first days, we will be visiting the Lemek Conservation Area, inside the Maasai Mara. The Lemek Conservation Area is an area that belongs to the Maasai Mara, but is on the outskirts of the National Reserve. This allows us to do safaris away from the large tourist groups that visit the National Reserve. You can see the same animals as in the Reserve but with fewer cars around them, that is, it is a place where the animals live more quietly, and the local people live with wildlife.

    It is a Maasai area, where Maasai live, so our guides know the whole area perfectly well and can move around freely. An important detail is that they have access to certain specific areas that hotels or large agencies do not have, since the Maasai community has certain governmental permits to exploit the land where they live while conserving it. Other advantages of being outside the National Reserve is that the rules are different from a national park, and we will be able to do many more activities such as, for example, getting out of the car tracks, watching the sunset in the middle of the savannah with no closing times and going on a walking safari.


    During the 8 days safari in Kenya we will be able to see Rhinos in the Masai Mara and Nakuru

    The white rhinoceros, currently in danger of extinction due to poachers.



    Solidarity safari and responsible tourism in Kenya for 8 days


    The big difference between this safari and any other safari in Kenya is the impact it has on the community. Generally, safaris move in a kind of tourist bubble, with zero contact with the local population. Moreover, these local people do not receive any benefit from the tourism that passes through their territory, even though they suffer the consequences of the tourist exploitation of the place where they live.

    With Trip to Help, we work with an NGO founded by a Maasai leader who, thanks to his accommodation, allows us to make safaris in the Maasai Mara and allocates the profits to social projects such as the elementary school that we will be able to see and learn about. It is the Maasai community itself that organizes and executes the safaris, and dedicates the proceeds to the education of hundreds of children, and also contributes to the community by helping women earn a decent livelihood through empowerment programs.


    positive impact trip in Kenya that supports schools and training

    Children of the school that receives funding thanks to tourism.


    Journey through Kenya: Samburu National Park & Lake Nakuru or Navaisha.


    Another project they also have is a village of women living together, separated from their families. For one reason or another, from not being able to be mothers to being abused, they were rejected by their families and the NGO offered them a place to live with their children.

    After a few days in the Maasai Mara, one of the Maasai guides will take us on a tour of northern Kenya. We will take a 4×4 and drive across Kenya, passing through spectacular natural sites, such as Mount Kenya. A day’s drive to Samburu National Park, where we can see a unique species of zebra and hundreds of other animals.

    Samburu National Reserve is famous for the number of elephants that can be seen there and for the Grevy’s zebra, unique in the world and in danger of extinction. It stands out for its desert landscape and for being less frequented by tourists than other national parks.

    After visiting Samburu National Park and spending two nights there, we will end our 8-day Kenya safari at Lake Nakuru or Lake Navaisha (your choice), a little further south, where we can enjoy the breathtaking views and the large number of pink flamingos. A real spectacle.


    During the 8-day safari in Kenya we will visit Samburu National Park.

    Elephant calves playing in the Samburu National Park.



    Accommodations during the 8-day safari in Kenya


    During the first days of the safari, in the Maasai Mara, we will stay in glamping tents with private bathroom and electricity. It is a sustainable lodging, with solar energy and without the use of plastics. The cook is Rongo, a masai who will delight us every day with his recipes. Everything is natural product, of proximity, without processed or anything like that. We are in an eco-sustainable lodge and food is very important to us.


    The lodge where we will stay for the most days during the 8-day safari in Kenya is owned by the NGO.

    Lodging in the Maasai Mara


    When we leave the Masai Mara, we will be able to choose the accommodation we want to stay in. Depending on the budget we have, we can go to one or the other, there are several options according to category. Here is an example:


    Accommodation during safari 8 days in Kenya

    One of the possible accommodations in Samburu.



    Price of the 8-day safari in Kenya


    The price for traveling in 2024 of this 8-day safari in Kenya starts at 2.995 € per person (in group of two people and in low season). Please ask us for the final price on the dates you want to travel. The price mentioned above is not binding until you have our confirmation by email because the prices of the accommodations change a lot depending on the month in which you travel.

    The trip includes accommodations, safaris, government taxes, visits to the rhino sanctuary, full board, internal travel, and guides during the safari. It does not include visas, international or domestic flights.

    Contact us so we can give you a final quotation for the dates you want to travel.




    8 Days




    • Full board accommodation
    • Transport in a 4x4 Landcruiser Jeep Safari vehicle
    • English-speaking Maasai Guide
    • Kenyan Government fees for staying in a Conservation Area
    • Transfers from and to the airport
    • Fuel, driver and car park fees.


    • International and National Flights tickets
    • Visa costs
    • Personal Insurance
    • Drinks, tips and other personal costs

    Travel Itinerary

    Day 1

    From Nairobi to Maasai Mara

    A driver will pick us up in Nairobi for the Maasai Mara. During the journey of about 5 hours we will cross the great Rift Valley where we can stop and take some pictures of a spectacular landscape and start this safari in Kenya 8 days. Depending on the time of arrival at the Maasai Mara, we will do our first afternoon safari, until sunset, where we can see from a comfortable chair one of the best sunsets we have ever seen in life. And all this surrounded by wildebeest, zebras and many other animals! In the evening we will dine with local recipe made by our Maasai cook and go to sleep to rest from a long trip, before starting the adventure that awaits us.

      Day 2

      Visit to the Rhino Sanctuary

      Today in the morning we will go on safari to a White Rhino Sanctuary, a place where they are protected, as they are in danger of extinction. We will enter an area that is highly protected by several rangers and we will be able to see one of the most spectacular animals in the world up close: the White Rhino. In the afternoon we will take the opportunity to see the NGO's projects in the middle of the Maasai Mara, such as the school and the Maasai women's village.

        Day 3

        Full day Safari in Masai Mara

        Today will be one of the highlights of the trip, as we will go on an all-day safari in the Maasai Mara, including lunch in the middle of the savannah, in one of the most beautiful places you will have ever been. We will spend the whole day searching for lions, elephants, cheetahs, buffalo and all kinds of animals. Our Maasai guides will do their utmost to make sure we get to see as many animals as possible up close, and we will see how they love nature and enjoy it immensely, while accompanying us.

          Day 4

          Walking Safari and maasai Mass

          Today we will get up early: it's time for a walk in the middle of the Maasai Mara. With our Masai warriors, we will leave the village for a walking safari in the Lemek Conservation Area. More than 2 hours of walking to come across zebras, wildebeest, the occasional hyena and hopefully no buffalo! When we arrive at the site, our driver will be waiting for us with breakfast ready to take us on safari. If it is Sunday, we will be able to enjoy a unique gathering: the Maasai mass. Many Maasai have converted to the Christian religion, while retaining some rituals, dances and mystical beliefs. This meeting will not leave us indifferent. If our route coincides with a Sunday and it is possible in terms of schedules, the visit to the Maasai mass can be moved to another day of the itinerary. We will return for lunch and take advantage of the afternoon to play with the school children and learn with them.

            Day 5

            On the way to Samburu

            On our fifth day of our Kenyan safari, we will visit Samburu National Reserve, north of the Masai Mara. During the journey we will see and get to know Kenya from the inside, crossing green areas, mountainous areas and desert areas. We will be fascinated by the contrasts of nature. Special mention when we pass by Mount Kenya, one of the most beautiful mountains in Africa, the highest in the country, which we will be able to observe along the way.

              Day 6

              Safari at Samburu National Reserve

              If yesterday was a day's drive to Samburu, today we get up early and go on an early morning safari. At midday we can rest at the lodge and then, after lunch, go on another afternoon game drive. Samburu is a beautiful desert landscape and one of the best places in Kenya to see elephants and a unique and endangered zebra, the Grevy's zebra. It is also not a supervised park, so we will continue with the same philosophy of safari in quiet areas away from the hordes of tourists.

                Day 7 and 8

                Nakuru or Naivaisha Lake

                After sleeping at the hotel in Samburu, we head to Lake Nukuru (or Lake Naivasha, your choice) for the evening flamingo safari. Lake Nakuru is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Rift Valley, where large masses of birds predominate, but where you can also see tree-climbing lions, Rothschild's giraffe, leopard, buffalo, rhino and various primates. In short, a place very different from the rest of the Parks visited and where we will say goodbye to our 8-day safari in Kenya.Day 8Our last day of the 8 days of Safari through Kenya, we will take the opportunity to do an early safari (early morning safari) if there is time to then go to Nairobi where our 8-day safari in Kenya will end. If we wanted to extend and enjoy some beach area, we could extend our trip with a few days on the island of Lamu (Kenya) or Zanzibar (Tanzania).

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