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5 days Sustainable Safari in Tanzania – Private

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Do you want to book a 5-day sustainable safari in Tanzania that is also charitable? In our 5 days safari in Tanzania, we will make a 2-day safari of the wonderful Serengeti plains, we will visit the volcanic crater of Ngorongoro, we will meet the celebrities thousand-year-old baobabs of Tarangire and visit the Lake Manyara.

And the best part is that all profits go to schools, medical centers and other local and community development programs thanks to the NGO we work with.

We will go with a 4×4 vehicle with the possibility of opening the roof, which will allow us to see and photograph the animals with a much better perspective.

This safari is private, that means that we will have the guide and the vehicle at our disposal. We can do the safaris in groups of 2, or also with family and friends in groups of 4 or 6 people.

During the safari we will be able to enjoy the African elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes and many more animals, and our local guide will explain many curiosities about their behavior, reproduction or ways of communicating.


Male lion seen during the 5-day safari in Tanzania.

A Lion during the safari. Image rights by Trip to Help.


The price of the 5-day private safari includes all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), accommodation, water throughout the trip, entrance fees to the parks, car, guide and gasoline.

There are two options for accommodation, either in tents in the different areas set up in the parks (we will have staff at our disposal who will set up the tent and take care of the meals), or in mid-range lodges, far from the large tourist groups.


Responsible Tourism during the safari


Remember that when contracting the 5-day sustainable safari in Tanzania with Trip to Help, you are helping a local NGO near Arusha. With the money they receive through the organization of the safaris, they can continue to create medical centers and schools, pay for teachers, health and school supplies, and continue to offer vocational training programs for adults in the area.

This is what responsible and supportive travel is all about. It is to contribute to the communities you visit, and not only enjoy your experience, but return knowing that your trip has had a positive impact.


How to Book the 5-day sustainable Safari in Tanzania


Finally, if you want to learn more about the work of the NGO, you can see other experiences in Trip to Help where. In addition to the Safari, you will learn about the projects they have in the area and the Maasai immersion activities they carry out.

You can also contact us and drop any questions you may have, we are here to explain all the details about the 5 days sustainable Safari in Tanzania!


during the 5 days of safari in Tanzania we visit the Serengeti National Park

Serengueti National Park. Image rights Trip to Help


5 Days

Tour Type


Group Size

Private Group




  • Full board accommodation
  • Private Guide / Driver with 4x4
  • Mineral water
  • Transfers
  • Tickets to the National Parks mentioned in the program


  • International and National Flights tickets
  • Visa costs
  • Personal Insurance

Travel Itinerary

Day 1

Safari Day 1: Tarangire National Park

On the first day of the safari we will visit the Tarangire National Park, which covers an area of 325km2 between Arusha and Lake Manyara. In this park we will be able to see the first animals in the wild such as elephants, zebras and Thomson's Gazelles. With a bit of luck we will also see some of the world's most imposing predators such as lion, leopard and hyena. In the evening we will stay at either the Tarangire camping area or the Tarangire Safari Lodge, a hotel located in the park, depending on which option we have chosen. From both we will be able to enjoy the sunset views of the park while having a drink or coffee.

    Day 2

    Safari Day 2: Serengueti National Park

    A day's drive to the Serengeti National Park. We will have to get up early as the journey takes a few hours, but we will enjoy the calm and the colours of the early hours of the day in this area. On the way, we will have to cross the Ngorongoro, and after passing the crater (which we will not visit yet), we will arrive at the Serengeti where we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will have time to visit the park for a few hours, to which we will return tomorrow. We will stay inside the park: either in the camping area or in the Serengeti Kati-Kati Tented Camp, depending on whether we choose a tent or a lodge.

      Day 3

      Safari Day 3: Serengueti National Park

      We wake up in the middle of the Serengueti, have breakfast and take advantage of the day to visit the park at leisure. The Serengueti is immense and it takes time and patience to enjoy it to the fullest, so we will have the whole day to do so. At sunset, we will return to our camping area or hotel, and enjoy the calm, and how the sky is changing in a thousand colours while we toast to the experience we are living.

        Day 4

        Safari Day 4: Ngorongoro Crater

        We get up and start our way back to Ngorongoro Crater, one of the most spectacular parks in Tanzania. Ngorongoro is the crater of a volcano that erupted thousands of years ago. Over time, species began to arrive and it now boasts one of the most brutal ecosystems in the world. Strolling through the crater, seeing how the animals live in harmony and contemplating the high walls that surround it will leave you speechless. If you also see one of the most difficult to see Big Five, the Rhino, you will have the best possible end to your safari. We will sleep in the camping area near Ngorongoro if we have chosen this option, or in Ngorongoro Farm House if we have chosen the lodge option.

          Day 5

          Safari Day 5: Lake Manyara

          We get up for breakfast and set off for Lake Manyara, situated very close to Tarangire. This lake sometimes has fewer tourists than other parks, so you can see the animals in more peace and quiet. With a bit of luck you will be able to see the elephants and giraffes up close.

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